A Tale Of Ignorance And Stupidity – Federal Wages

If you live in the Southern California region, there were two major sports apparel stores: Sports Chalet and SportsMart. You’ve probably read about the problems with SportsMart, but an established ¬†business as Sports Chalet made me wonder.

I contacted a colleague who knew the top executives at Sports Chalet, and their reason was the following: they projected that with the rise in the Federal wages their business would not be profitable. So, they closed shop.

Jobs at Mcdonald’s or other minimum wage jobs are not meant as established jobs; they are a temporary place to work as a youth. It would be cheaper to train people to attain better jobs then to raise the minimum wage. Raising the Federal minimum wage to $15 will be a job killer.

I know, since I am an employer.

Listen To Wall Street Rhetoric With Deaf Ears

Listening to politicians complaining about Wall Street, when, in fact, they are in bed with them. The greatest economic collapse of our century showed that no one went to prison. Imagine that – a man steals a loaf of bread – and can go to jail over a group of men who lost trillions.

The average American is being fleeced by the system. No longer does honesty and hard work breed success; it is the gaming of the system that wins.




Black Lives Matter Will Never Get Resolved

The killings of African American men by police is part of life; so are the killings of White Americans – by police – that are twice the number of African Americans. To ask society to minimize the incompetent acts is impossible; because, we, are unable to be competent 100% of the time.

What makes this issue so prevalent is a mixture of social media and fear. Social media brings it out instantaneously, and fear is propagated by the lack of understanding of statistics.

When the Ebola virus came into the US, you were more likely to die from a cold than catching Ebola. Yet, the press and our fears capitalized on making us cowards.

What will it take to resolve this issue? An overhaul of the entire police system in America, and there is no guarantee that would work.

If you don’t understand that incompetence is part of life…….

Self Defense In The United States

The best self defense is knowing the law; and, knowing what not to do. Learn how to run, swallow your ego, and live another day. It will save you a lot of money on attorney fees, civil and criminal penalties.

If you have to carry anything, I recommend buying a big can of bear spray. You can take out multiple criminals, and don’t have to worry about exposing it as a weapon.

I would avoid guns. If you don’t know how to shoot accurately – and under stress – it is one big liability and attorney bill.

Finding unbiased news

Why is it so difficult to report the news? Seriously, the only app I use these days is Google news. It is nice to see what is happening locally as well.

Almost every newspaper, radio station, cable news, and whatever is so clogged with opinions; doesn’t it give you a¬†headache?

There should be two areas where bias should be limited: court and news. Unfortunately, the Supreme court has its justices that have their political bias; think about how nutty that is. Why can’t you be objective with all of that education and experience?